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Boatyard & Slipway

Simpson Marine has been operating a Boat Park launch and recovery service since 1993. We operate a very busy slipway which costs £40.00 per day or you can join our Boatyard where we store your boat for a period of 12 months at a cost of £1,450.00 annually or £130.00 monthly (once you have been with us for 12months) which includes all your launching, recovery and overnight berths on the pontoon. The slipway is open as per our opening hours which can be found on our home page. We have recently installed a gate at the top of the slipway which is locked overnight.

We reserve the right to refuse to launch you if you do not have the very basic safety equipment - ANCHOR, LIFEJACKETS, VHF RADIO & FLARES are required as an absolute minimum.

Why have the hassle of towing your boat around when we can store it and launch it for you for just under £4.00 per day. Why put yourself through the seized brakes & wheel bearing sagas at the side of the road.

Our boatyard can store up to 70 boats with a maximum size of 21 feet.

Boatyard Fees from January 2018

12 mths storage (includes all launch & recoveries and overnight berthing - subject to availability)


Daily or overnight storage


Launch & recovery daily rate (up to 21ft)


One way only (up to 21ft)


Launch and recovery over 21ft (conditions apply)


One way only over 21ft (conditions apply)


High pressure hose hull


Fork lift per lift (conditions apply)


Trailer hire per day (on site)


Trailer hire per day (off site)


Remove boat (up to 20ft) from water, pressure wash and yard storage (conditions apply)


 Same as above (boats from 21ft - 23ft)  £225.00


Jet Ski Launch - £100.00 with £70.00 refunded if no complaints are made.